Simplify the Technology Search
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Know what you want to accomplish, but don't know which solutions to look at first?
(this is a secret shortcut to finding the right solution(s) based on desired outcomes in a person centered plan)
sometimes simple tools are the best
download the outcome matrix
Download the outcomes matrix here and move to step 2
what outcomes do you want
What are you trying to achieve?  Look at the goals in your person centered plan
use the matrix to find solutions
Use the vendor outcomes matrix quickly identify vendors that can meet your desired outcomes
connect with possible vendors
Pick a few vendors and reach out using the contact info in the matrix
who is this for?
provider agencies

case managers 
& all professionals
& families
What are people saying
" That was an easy way to narrow the many (technology) options that are sometimes hard to find, thank you."
-Nancy Richards, Executive Director, Clearwater Council of Governments
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