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Learning from the Past to Build the Future
Sandy Henry, ARRM Board Member
Tech:Fest Cincinnati
How we can apply lessons learned from the past in our industry, to give current and future leaders insights into how to tackle our industry's biggest challenges.

Sandy helps frame where we are as an industry compared to times in the past.  

State Officials Panel Discussion
Multiple representatives from OH, IN, TN, & MN
Tech:Fest Cincinnati 
Tech:Fest Indianapolis
Representatives from DODD in OH, DDRS in IN, BDDS in IN, Indiana University, ARRM in MN, and DIDD in TN take part in two interactive moderated panel conversations. 

Get several leading states' perspectives and a glimpse at where they are driving us all. 
Tech Doesn't Have to be a 
4 Letter Word
Connie Melvin & Richard Harrington, Founders, TEC Lab
Tech:Fest Cincinnati
When most people hear the word “technology”, they immediately think of expensive and complex devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to “roll up their sleeves” – to be guided through the process of building practical pieces of assistive technology using supplies that are available from their local hardware store. 
Tech Start-up Pitch Contest
Marvin Green, Founder, CareCutz
Josh Massey , Founder, Carepool
Tim Jones, Founder, LeanonMe App
Tech:Fest Cincinnati
Think Shark Tank - three companies with disability tech solutions in the startup phase pitch their tech solutions/products/concepts. 

Can you guess who won this contest at our inaugural Cincinnati Tech:Fest on Oct 15th, 2018?
I/DD Healthcare: Then, Now, & Next
Dr. Craig Escude, CEO, Health Risk Screening Tool
Tech:Fest Columbus
Dr. Craig Escude discusses the evolution of I/DD health supports from the late 1800s to now, and then give us a vision for the future.  
Peeling Away the Industry Standard
Ken Smith, Director of Development, Rest Assured
Tech:Fest Indianapolis
Does support = staff?  Is this the current "industry standard" approach to meeting people's' needs.  

In this session, Ken Smith, challenges our long held beliefs of how we define support for people with disabilities...and teaches us a new way to "peel a banana (you have to watch this to understand).  
The Art of Servant Leadership
Steve Hendricks, Director of Business Development, Scioto

Tech:Fest Indianapolis
The 2019 workforce is comprised of 4 generations of people. Each generation has their own unique ways of thinking, behaving and communicating. This poses a great challenge for today’s leaders. This session will demonstrate how a Servant Leadership style of leading translates across all generations. Using stories, reflection and a question/answer format, we will identify key Servant Leadership principles that will provide leaders with tools and resources to enhance employee engagement and productivity.
Tech-Leveraged Service Models that Redefine What's Possible
Mike Strouse, CEO, Goodlife
Tech:Fest Indianapolis
Providers are facing a perfect storm of need, rising workforce costs, and expectations for increasingly inclusive services. There is no magic solution but national thought leaders agree that the next generation of services will be fully leveraged by technologies. GoodLife and its KU partners have worked to create, adapt and use emerging technologies to support independent living and weave these solutions into the fabric of its next generation service models. 
Internet of Things (IoT) Training
Brian Norton, Director of Assistive Technology & Josh Anderson, Manager of Clinical Assistive Technology - Easterseals Crossroad INDATA Project

Tech:Fest Indianapolis
The Easterseals Crossroads INDATA team demonstrates multiple internet connected devices that can increase autonomy. How can "off the shelf" smart home devices improve the lives of the people you support? Find out here. 
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